Your production - from one source

All production steps in a company


From your idea to the sample part. In our development department your ideas are realized. Our fashion designers create cuts, sizes and prototypes as well as collection patterns of your ideas.


Our in-house cutting and sewing departments provide a professional environment to effectively and promptly produce your products.
In our industrial sewing we are able to make weaving and knitwear for you.


Our own textile printing company offers all textile printing processes. Of course, we also embroider for you. This in-house department also simplifies and improves your production capabilities.


As a manufacturer of many branded goods, we fulfill all your production needs for individual labeling or packaging according to your specifications. Woven labels, hangtags and packaging will be created according to your wishes.

Textile production

How your production could go

  • Model development
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Printing and finishing
  • Packaging and logistics

Planning and developing a new product is often the most expensive and difficult part of a textile production. Challenge us.

Your designs or patterns

You provide us with drawings, designs, photos or sample parts of your models.
With your change requests to cut, your material specifications and the quantity to be produced, we create a production offer for you.

Cut and fabric selection

Our in-house cutting department creates a cutting template in a selected pattern size. You choose your fabric quality. We are happy to assist you here as well. Turkey is known for a large selection of materials.

Prototype and correction

We tailor your model and make a prototype in our pattern sewing. You can now try on this prototype and correct it with regard to your cutting specifications. This is how your desired product is made.

Labeling and refinement

After your model meets your cutting and material specifications, the pattern will be labeled, printed or finished according to your specifications. For finishing and labels, you have no limit.

Cutting and sewing are the cornerstones of successful textile production. Our in-house production offers the best possible conditions.

Fabrics and cut

  • Large selection of woven and knitted fabrics
  • Optimum cutting by computer-controlled cutting
  • Creating and grading sets of sizes
  • Preparation, development of your editing templates
  • Fast in-house processing and further processing

In-house industrial sewing

  • Processing of woven and knitwear possible
  • Capacity of up to 2000 pcs per day
  • Processing of all seam types as well as buttonholes
  • No delivery delays due to in-house processing
  • Good control and monitoring of your textile production

Usually only the imprint or your special finishing make a model a favorite piece of clothing.

screen printing

Our fully automatic screen printer has a capacity of 5000 prints per day. We can print up to 14 colors here. All current printing processes such as water-based or plastic are possible here. Also, this in-house department allows us to meet your delivery date exactly.

Transfer, digital and dye sublimation printing

Our printing house is also equipped for these printing processes. These modern digital printing processes are used for full-color and full-color prints mostly on polyester fabrics. With this we can also fulfill your printing needs.

Flock print and embroidery

We also offer these methods. According to your specifications, we produce embroidery templates, applications, 3D embroidery and finishing with sequins are possible here. We are also happy to work on your new ideas and suggestions.

We also offer service according to your wishes in packaging, delivery and logistics.


  1. In-house ironing and packing
  2. We also like to produce your cardboard hangtags
  3. Award or barcodes according to your specifications
  4. Packaging according to individual wishes possible
  5. Final inspection of your products

Delivery and logistics

  1. Delivery by truck, air or sea freight
  2. We gladly organize delivery and logistics for you
  3. On request import and customs clearance service
  4. Fast, cost-effective deliveries by truck
  5. temporary storage or logistics service

Product variety

Our product variety - your advantage


Turkey is also known for terry towels and bedding products. Production of individual towels according to your design wishes or the production of bed linen, bath robes, etc., we offer you.


We also fulfill your leather requirements. With our partners, we can offer you all leather products from belt to bags as well as elaborate leather pants, stretch leggings or jackets of all kinds.


Accessories belong to every fashion collection. Again, we are happy to help you with the production. Products like bags, caps, belts are possible. We are happy to try to fulfill extraordinary wishes.


Workwear places particularly high demands on the products. Color and bleach fastness as well as particularly stable, durable processing and materials are in demand here. Again, we are happy to develop your individual products with industry-specific details.

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